Frequently Asked Questions

Previous attendees have said:Siouxsie Q & Barbary Rose

“Twisted Windows was beautiful celebration of individuality, freedom of expression, community, and skill.”

“Thank you SO MUCH for putting on a truly amazing series of events. “Like going to the ballet for kinksters,” I call it. Every single time, there is a performance that makes me belly laugh. One that brings me to hot tears. One that inspires me to take my kink to the next level. And always several that just make me think about the intersection of kink and art. There is nothing else like it. I’m so grateful to everyone who makes it happen.” – Mir, owner of Wicked Grounds

“What a wonderful show- I keep thinking back on it and smiling.”

“I left with hella moist panties!”

“The event was epic, deep and unforgettable!”

“It was an absolutely beautiful night on so many levels. It was a privilege to be able to be there.”

“What a special, outrageously fun, entertaining and beautiful event. I felt so fortunate to be there and experience the fantastic and diverse performance art!”

“Thank you for creating and orchestrating an incredible perverted wonderland!”

“If you haven’t yet experienced all that Twisted Windows has to offer, you’re really missing out. I have literally laughed, cried, been inspired by, and been provoked by the performances I’ve seen at the Twisted Windows events. It’s everything I love about the theater, but for US. I cannot recommend it strongly enough.”

Who are Twisted Windows?

_MG_3466We’re a performers collective made up of pleasingly perverted people with a penchant for putting on a scintillatingly sensual show. We savor the artistry of BDSM, and lean towards exhibitionism in our play, bolstered by our backgrounds in various performing arts (from dance to circus-craft to theatre to music). We embrace more traditional manifestations of BDSM showmanship (such as bondage & suspension), while also celebrating other expressions of kink and sexuality. In addition to showcasing quality, creative consummations, we seek out ethical kinksters with unusual undertakings that go beyond simple entertainment (although fun & sexy acts are definitely part of what we do!) to be thought-provoking and impactful.


What does the “collective” part mean?

We value our performers and their works, and giving them agency and the freedom to create unique pieces is central to the mission of the event. Performers at Twisted Windows are financially compensated for their work–buying a ticket directly supports kinky art! Additionally, we welcome our artists to photograph/record their pieces, and they retain rights to those productions.

Here’s what some performers have had to say about being part of Twisted Windows:

“I had such an incredible time performing! You ran an amazingly beautiful, organized, and moving event. I could not have been more honored to be involved. Thank you so much for inviting me to join Twisted Windows. <3” – Seanmichael
“It was such an honor to play a part in making this event happen. Participating in TW made me feel valued and respected as a performer and I left feeling rejuvenated and excited to return home and pour more energy into creative projects. Thanks again for all that you do. I can’t wait for the next one.” – Jessie Sparkles 

“I feel thankful for these opportunities to perform in friendly, community-minded spaces. It’s pretty rare to be treated as warmly and kindly as you treat your performers on a regular basis. I love your attention to detail and organization. Such a fantastic night. Thank you again for the hard work and giving me a chance to play music in such cool surroundings.” – Cellista

“You guys were SO SPECTACULAR to work with. Your pre-event communication was very thorough, personal, informative, etc, and I really appreciated that. Everyone was great at setup and of course the event was spectacular. I had a phenomenal time and it made me incredibly happy to bring the Ten Minute Date to this event.” – Gray

“It was so much fun and so much amazing talent all in one place, was wonderful to be a part of it!” – chastityinchains


Who produces the event? Are they making a profit?

Twisted Windows is produced by Shay & Stefanos. Ticket revenue covers expenses (venue rent, event insurance, professional security, DJ, equipment, etc), compensate workers for their labor (load in & out, clean-up, check-in, mocktails, stage manager, etc), and pay performers. Stefanos & Shay are compensated as part of the collective, commensurate with the performers and other workers.


What can I expect at your events?IMG_6147-2

Twisted Windows invites you to create a unique experience exploring concurrent ambient performances, innovative interactive activities, visual art, and sexy main stage spectacle. The event is intended to be enjoyed by moving about the space rather than as a seated audience. After our formal performances wrap up, you’ll be warmed up and ready for the play portion of our event (or you’re welcome to continue to socialize and watch)!


What type of play equipment is there? What types of scene can I do?

The venue features numerous suspension points, and spaces to cuddle or play in a more sensual way. There will also be a limited amount of other equipment. You can preview our “house rules” for play here: HOUSE RULES


I’m not interested in playing–can I just watch?

YES! Our performance section is intended just for that, and after that we will mix a social with play time — there is no pressure or obligation to participate in the play aspect of the event.

Jack Hammer & KinkySphinx

I’d like to perform! What do I do?

That’s awesome- we’d love to hear your ideas! Please fill out our performer application!